Alternatives to Pricey Golf Putters

Putter in general vocabulary means doing thing is a rather soft or gentle way. Relatively in golf, it is a club that is used to make slightly ‘soft’ or gentle strokes of the ball that are meant for short distances. There are different types with some having flat faces and others having their shaft bent made of either wood or iron. The best golf putters could be blade, mid-mallet or mallet. Ratings are made based on their look and texture which are in turn used to determine the performance:

Odyssey O-works

The new Red and Black variations of this putter made of mallet are designed to rotate so that it is efficient for golfers who have curving strokes and have had a balance problem on the course. They could also be good for beginners. The new shapes include the Jailbird mini and the White Hot RX #2.

Scotty Cameron

Its sole is four-way to mean that it proved greater balancing between the heel and the toe position. This balance is also realized from any angle of the shaft. The slim line at the top has a more spherical appearance while the edges are designed in a square shape. This is Scotty Cameron select and then there is Scotty Cameron Futura with a wrap-around sole for the face that is made from aluminum which is a lighter material to improve on swing resistance. The sole component of the face is connected to the frame using dampening system.

Ping Vault

They have made the most of the Moveable Weight Technology that allows the users to customize the weight of a swing and its feel. The weight options that are provided vary from steel (standard weight) to aluminum which is lighter. They also have a wide range of finishing that vary in material; copper, platinum and stealth.

Taylor Made Spider Tour Red

It has more preferences to its appearance and also a variety in the type of strokes that it offers. Has aluminum Pure Roll as a component for improved accuracy on distance and direction. A vibration damping located between the frame and the body provides improved texture and sound and also allows the user to adjust the weights of the head with its improved installed Moveable Weight Technology.

Cleveland TFI Satin

A personalized Speed Optimized Milling pattern, one for each of the six heads helps the putt to roll in equal distance with less regard to where the stroke was made on the face. The difference in the MOI translates to a difference in the ball speed. 21mm raise of sightlines mean accuracy regardless of the position.

Toulon design

It is said to have the best crop of material, design, technology and appearance. A distinctive feature is the Deep Diamond Milling pattern on the face with a stainless steel head. It is an Odyssey distribution with two mallets (Memphis and Indianapolis) that have balanced faces and five blades (Long Island, San Diego, Columbus, Austin and Madison).

A good putter can be determined by the material used in construction and technology application.